Blank Course?

Hi, Steve - I will be starting to learn Czech (intensively) on January 1st. Since LingQ doesn’t have Czech (yet), I’ve read others giving advice about how to use LingQ for languages you don’t have.
One interesting idea is to pick a language in LingQ that I don’t necessarily want to learn and upload Czech phrases and just use those. That’s an interesting idea but I don’t think I would like to post a badge on my site that says I know Korean (for example) when I am using it to learn Czech.
Is there any way that you could create a ‘blank’ course that I could fill in the name of the language I am learning that only I could see? Maybe make that an option available for a paid account? Then I could have a separate course system that I would build with the content I needed. I would even think that you could use that content to build an official course for everyone.
Just an idea.

We are looking at how we can introduce a variety of new languages. Hopefully in the not too distant future. Stay tuned.

Hi, Steve - Thanks so much for getting back to me. I am looking forward to being able to use LingQ for Czech when it becomes available. However, I am also thinking long term (which I neglected to mention in my last post). I would eventually like to learn some more esoteric languages that you might not want to set up a formal system for. Having the option of blank courses would give the ability to cover all kinds of courses. Does that seem like something that you would be able to implement any time soon? Thanks so much.

I cannot give you a timeline but it will likely happen this year.