Blackberry or IPhone?

I recently bought my first blackberry phone after my ‘low-end’ phone died on me. But upon getting my blackberry I started to look at phones differently, more so trying to take in people’s preferences. So I thought I’d ask here: What do you prefer? Blackberry or IPhones? Reasons as to why? Is it the touchscreen or the keyboard? The apps?


I have a Blackberry for email and phone mainly. I also have an iPad and an iPod touch. I do LingQ lessons and use the iLingQ app on the iPad, and use the iPod touch as an MP3 player and use other apps on it like dictionaries.

I have iphone4 which I use 24/7.

  1. I can use online dictionaries like Longman/Cambridge while reading a printed book on my bed.

  2. Skype. I can do both audio and video calls . I don’t need headphone set and webcam.

  3. I can send emails as long as I have account with yahoo, google, AOL and etc

  4. Camera. I can capture something interesting on the go and send it via email.

  5. This is a funny one. ( I can watch xxx online in my washroom).

Conclusion: iPhone is a revolutionary gadget. :slight_smile:

Steve and his many devices. I guess it’s more like this: the Blackberry is your phone, iPad is your ‘laptop’ while the iPod touch is for music (audio).

The iPhone 4 looks really nice. I considered getting one for myself but decided against it. The camera and skype (with video calls) are the big win in my opinion. I might try one in the future.

I have an Iphone4… Its pretty nice. My previous phone was Android Base so there are lots of apps I didn’t have access too before. I can now finally use the iLingQ app. However, I haven’t put the lingq app to good use yet. I hope that will change soon.

As for doing audio and video calls with skype. Its nice BUT it only works well using WIFI. And I only use wifi at home sooo I might as well skype call on my PC with the better webcam. It might be that the 3g here in korea just sucks.

I was thinking that the video calls would be nice because I live just off my university’s campus, meaning I could use WIFI with it anywhere from my house and campus (I’m on campus or around it a lot).

I got an Iphone 4, I like it’s limitlessness, there are always apps that amaze me. Keyboard layouts for a multitude of languages, Chinese handwritten input is actually pretty cool, however that’d take forever.

It’s my camera, my dictionary, my iPod, scanning bar-codes on items while shopping to find if its a good deal or not. Among other things that I don’t remember.
I’m actually very frugal with my money, so I regard any app with the up most judgement when reading those reviews. I’m not a big gamer, but my friend so tells me it is decent, not like Ipod Touch greatness.

I have a Mexican friend who has a blackberry and he can do most things, although he can’t get Skype. Video calling was more addictive than I thought. xD