Black friday sale for annual plan

Hi, how can I get this discount for my annual plan renewal? I think I am already a member, but didn’t get any coupon. Thanks.

I had the same issue. There is a link for it on LingQ’s twitter account that worked for me. It’s @LingQ_Central on twitter. Newest post.

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I would like to know too. If I buy the year, does it add on to my existing membership or does that year start from now?

The cupon code is b_12month10off

@Kyoko_blue I have just applied the discount coupon on your account manually and you will get the reduced price on your next payment date. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

@SilentQ Correct, you won’t lose any of your paid days, no worries.

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Can I please get this added to mine for when I come to renew in a month or so?

Just a clarification question - is this discount code valid to be used for my renewal (I’m already a member), or is it only for new members?

@davidrobinson Sure thing, done!

Hi Zoran, thanks so much for your help!
Just to clarify, my renewal is feb 2022, and should I do anything on my side at the moment or the time of renewal to get the reduced price at -40%?
Thanks again!

@rhess You did apply the Black Friday coupon successfully,. Your plan will change from 6 to 12 month on December 23rd, and you will be charged with the discount coupon included.

No need to do anything on your end.

Thanks a lot, Zoran!

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