Black friday for annual plan

Hi @zoran, how can I get a black friday coupon after my current subscription plan? Thanks!


I would like to find that answer too. I got an email from Ana Rivera, and I’m not entirely sure if it’s a legit link because it looks so different than the daily LingQ updates I receive.

@Kyoko_blue I applied the discount coupon to your account and you will get the discounted price on your next payment date.

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@koya1 It is legit, no worries. :slight_smile:

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Does the BF promo go until Monday?

Yes, will be valid until Monday (Cyber Monday) next week.

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How can I also get the yearly subscription at the Black Friday Price? My subscription renews today so I would like to take advantage of the special yearly subscription price.

Thanks Zoran! Appreciate it.

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Clarification needed.
I just used the Black Friday offer to renew my subscription (a yearly subscription ending in December 2023) . Why my account still show that the last payment was on January 2023 and my account will be downgraded to ‘free’ on January 2024?

Hi Zoran, I have the same question. I got emails saying there is 40% discount and I should upgrade to annual plan. But I am in an annual plan and it is renewing in 28 November so I am confused. Can you please help me apply the blackfriday coupon code to my account so I will also get the discounted rate? thank you!

I recently signed up for 6 months and have now accepted the 12 month deal. I can see full payment has been taken. Will I get the money for 6 months back?

@Klm3rby I refunded the difference to match the black friday promo price (your payment already went through when I saw this).

Hi Zoran, I purchased the 12 month 40% off last night but I don’t think I ever received a confirmation email? Also, I’d like to have it start after my current subscription ends on Dec 27, is that possible?

I saw a banner for the Black Friday promo. I wanted to check what my current subscription was but now I don’t get the banner with the promo anymore. Is that expected? Is it like a ‘once only’ kind of promo?

Hi Zoran! Can you please apply the Black Friday coupon to my account that renews on December 7th? Thank you!!!

@zoran I know you are bombarder by us with these questions and I am super appreciative for your active involvement to us. I followed your link for the Black Friday deal, I went on to pay by PayPal, yet the website jumped back before I had to accept the payment. I tried paying again, this time by credit card but it kept giving me the error that I already have a subscription. Lo and behold, the PayPal payment did work, except it will be billing me for €107 instead of €97. How can I change this, and why did this go wrong? Hope you can help me out with this minor bug problem. Thank you!

@pzz-2 No worries, I checked and everything is set properly on your account.

@mayumikodaira Sure, it’s taken care of.

@rpwyqs7hmc Looks like you subscribed both through Apple Store and website. Please reach me at and I’ll explain what to do. Thanks.

@chasegarcia36 All good, everything is set properly on your account.

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