Black Friday Deal Issues

I received an email saying that I could get 40% off of an annual subscription plan if I subscribed now using the Black Friday coupon code, but when I went to go checkout I saw that the coupon was only taking about 10% off instead of the advertised 40%. Is this an issue that you all are aware of, or is the deal just being falsely advertised?

from what i can see, the 40% off is compared to the monthly price, and its always 33% off this anyway, so the BF deal is only about 10% saving on the normal annual price. (Although I don’t have the email or a page explaining it, just a link to the checkout with the final price)

Please note that the annual membership price is already discounted 30% by default and costs $107.88. That is a 30% discount compared to the monthly plan which costs $12.99 per month.
With this special offer and an additional 10%, the discount price will drop further to $97.09, which makes it a total of a 40% discount.