Bizarre Pronunciation Glitch?

I have an issue with Spanish. When in the text of my imported lessons, if I click on a word and the window pops up to pronounce the word in isolation, occasionally, the recording will sandwich the word in between nonsense.

I can’t quite make out what this nonsense word is saying. The closest I can make out is something like “va a vertical” which just seems to mean “goes to vertical”.

For instance, I click on a word like “asumió” and the recording says this:

“va a vertical-asumió-va a vertical”

And “asumió” isn’t the only word where this happens. It seems like at least one episode happens for every page of all my lessons. And it’s the same phrase every time; “va a vertical” sandwiching the target word.

I’m just wondering if anyone else has suffered this problem.

Searching the forum for “pronunciation error” has yielded no useful results.

I know what you mean, it sounds like “barra vertical” to me:

Thanks for reporting. Unfortunately, there is no much we can do about it at the moment since it seems to be a thing on Google TTS end, we did had similar reports before.