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Have you been keeping up with the latest TV shows and anime series on Netflix? We’ve got you covered! These are all External lessons, which means that you have to use the LingQ Extension to import them.

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Black Mirror’s newest season is the most unpredictable yet. Despite that, the legendary show still manages to showcase a profound and nuanced understanding of human nature. While technology may change, people remain the same.

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(Level: Advanced)


Title: Through My Window Across the Sea. After a year of long-distance, Raquel and Ares reunite on a steamy beach trip. Faced with fresh flirtations and insecurities, will their love prevail?

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(Level: Advanced)


Title: Blood & Gold. A German deserted trying to reunite with his daughter while an SS troop looks for a Jewish treasure.

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(Level: Advanced)

Title: Mixed by Erry. Witness the rise and fall of a pirate mixtape empire run by three brothers from Naples, and their trademarked cassettes labeled “Mixed by Erry” that brought pop music to Italian youth in the 1980s.

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(Level: Advanced )


Title: Ooku. In an alternate history where the male population is nearly decimated, eligible men serve as concubines to the woman shogun inside the walls of the Ooku.

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(Level: Advanced)

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Mixed by Erry is a great film. I can recommend it too. You need to watch it with subtitles though, as it’s in Napoletano.