BIG BUG: Vocabluary webpage loose a setting of sorting after delete of any sorted word! of course on free account I haven't a groupe delete option


I open a Vocabulary page, display all know my words by this way:

  • Display: 100
  • Filter by Status:
    [ ] 1
    [ ] 2
    [ ] 3
    [v] 4-Know

Now I can see all word as I know it… I have free account, I can delete this word only in method: ‘one by one’ but when I deleted first word I go to webpage without my display sorting settings!!!

Of course I help myself by copying URL with sorting and after any delete word go to:

but this method it’s not professional!.

You seem to have a few problems. Our technical people will answer you as soon as possible, likely tomorrow. Thank you for your patience and sorry for any inconvenience.

Hi Marcin,

We are aware of this issue and have it on our list of things to do. Of course, we don’t recommend deleting LingQs as words that you mark as “Known” today may be forgotten in several weeks or months.