Better interface requested for importing lessons in iOS

Sharing a URL such as one from YouTube if choosing a Course is both good and bad. Good: it appears the most recently used courses appear top of the list.

Needs improvement: searching through an every burgeoning list of courses when the only option is to keep scrolling. A searchable list would be helpful, for example.

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Choosing a course while importing a lesson with the browser plugin even worse as there is no apparent order to the list and also not searchable.

Hi @vernmartin !
Currently, browser extensions use sorting of courses by the recently changed.
So the most actively used courses should appear on top of the list.

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Another problem in the iOS import screen:

If you copy-paste a long text, the cursor will go off screen. This makes it very hard or impossible to paste in text several times. You either get it all in one go, or you have to fiddle a LOT until eventually you MIGHT be able to put it on the end of the previous bit.

It does seem to be that way, yes. Still, I have an unwieldy long list partly because studying lessons on Lingq I did not create seems to add those courses to my list.

Except it’s inconsistent. Sometimes it sorts that way, and sometimes it does not.