Beta language "resets" (at least with Finnish)

Hi guys,

In the last few days, I’ve noticed that Finnish has reset itself in some way a few times. About ten minutes ago, I couldn’t go to the My Lessons page without opening a library lesson first (instead, it was taking me to the “Choose your first lesson page”). Not sure if you’re aware of this issue.

I’ve got a feeling the problem might be the following.

I imported a handful of articles today (maybe five or so), studied them and then deleted them. This means there are no “recent” lessons to show on the “My Lessons” page (normally it shows five). Therefore it must think no lessons have ever been studied and, consequently, it forces me to take a library lesson or import a new one.

You actually have to have at least one active lesson in a language in order to see the regular page. Just curious why you deleted the lessons right after studying them… :slight_smile:

The import page gets clogged up too easily, so I try to delete articles soon after reading them.

The issue with the above is that I still had many collections in my archives and many pages worth of lessons in the “My Lessons” page (under "See all), but the fact that the first five (the ones that show on the first page of the “My Lessons” screen) were no longer there caused it to act this way, I think.

Ah, I think I see what you mean. So if you delete 4 at a time then it displays properly but if you remove the five most recent active lessons then it doesn’t show the list properly, correct?

Correct, it tells you to choose your first lesson, and you can’t access your My Lessons or Archive until you do (as far as I can tell).