Best way to learn a new language....?

Which is the easiest and the fastest way to learn a new language…?

Carefully edit your YouTube videos.


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“Carefully edit your YouTube videos.” - “Haha. oh man that’s funny”

I hate to admit but…I don´t get it.^^



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@topic “Which is the easiest and the fastest way to learn a new language…?”

What do you mean by “easy”? Seriously, I´m not sure what an “easy way” would look like. Is it “easy” to watch every episode of Star Trek and “hard” to memorize conjugation tables? Something like that?

“I hate to admit but…I don´t get it.^^”

Since people always say that each method works differently for each of us , I believe that you should try to learn several languages using different ways and see which works the best in the shortest amount of time .

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I think the best way to learn a language is to be completely immersed in the language for every hour of every day of your entire waking life from the age of zero. It worked well for me with English. Failing that, I think doing a lot of reading on LingQ is a cheap and effective strategy.

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Staying with lots of hot girls who just only speak your target language.

@ColinJohnstone, first of all thanks for our reply. But, I would like to know what do you exactly mean by " from the age of zero".

Bhai, the best way, according to me is to travel to the native land of your target language. If that’s not possible, the best way is to connect with native speakers through the internet. Of course, you can build your vocabulary here and acquire grammatical information on various websites.
The most important factor while learning languages is to fall in love with it!

Aapko meri taraf se puuri shubhechhaein!
Jai Hind!

-first, cultivate your motivations for learning the language
-second, identify and utilise as much of your “wasted” dead time in the day as you can
-get lots of input during your dead time, particularly transcribed audio - listening and reading
-also varied input - change everything over to your target language - wake up to a tunein radio station, listen to news and weather, tv talk shows, radio chat shows, sports broadcasts, read magazines, online forums, have lunchtime chats, change even your internal thinking - all to your target language
-still even more input - have audio at hand at all times, particularly transcribed audio of natural dialogues - read what you just listened to
-spend a bunch of time on skype with native speakers, record yourself speaking and listen for areas of improvement - pay attention to sounds, break them down, notice sentence intonation – learn correct tongue positioning
-stretch yourself - practice translation and interpretation, try some shadowing, use native content as much as possible
-stretch yourself further - make a bunch of mistakes, don’t be afraid of saying the wrong thing
-above all, have a lot of fun using the language


@mikeNJ Be born and let your parents teach you their language or languages.

Twelfth go of the Captcha. I would rather be learning a language. May the numbers return.

“Twelfth go of the Captcha. I would rather be learning a language. May the numbers return.”

Maybe we need some LingQ lessons in Captchese. They can be read by native speakers of Captchese.

“Erroneous proplain”
“spdatan Lord”
“remember Rsform”
“RTCPTA near”

Just a few examples of everyday Captchese phrases that could show up in lessons :slight_smile:
(one of which looks suspiciously satanic)

I don’t understand. I get the captchas almost every time.

You learned all that at “the age of zero”; others cannot compare.

Only the twelfth Captcha had a word that made sense. The first eleven had letters that were really impossible. I have not had that much trouble before. The one I have to use this time looks fine. tached ckopor. Let’s see.
@TroisRoyaumes, ColinJohnson said ‘from the age of zero’. In the western world, that means ‘from the day of your birth’. Babies hear the sound of their parents language even before they are born. I can’t imagine they can understand it, however.

Yes, easy! Now for aprisvv ment. (Don’t worry, I’m not going to sit here all night entering Captchas.)
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