Best way to import a PDF book?

Currently trying to figure out the best way to import a whole book into linq I am aware that I can copy and paste but this book has over 600 pages?

and when I try to select all and copy over I keep getting an error message of " use CNTL + V" even when this is what I am trying to do.

Any advise would be great.

First import the PDF into Calibre. With Calibre you can converse the PDF to other formats, e.g. to WORD. And the text in WORD can be imported into LINGQ.

Could I not copy the file from PDF and then copy and paste into Word?

Pdf is difficult to convert import E-book conversion — calibre 6.21.0 documentation If you are getting error messages on the ctrl v probably best to try Calbre conversion. At least you are woking with a Latin left to right language. In Hebrew and Arabic I’ve encountered everything from throwing sentences out of order to having individual words spelt backwards to just gibberish code.

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brilliant thanks I am assuming I am having to download Calibre?

Yes, download Calibre. It is useful and free.

Yup. Pdf’s are always trouble in Arabic… however there’s a lot of .doc or .RTF books available if you know where to look. Even .epub’s