Best Spanish dictionary?

I just started Spanish and I don’t know which dictionaries are good to use. Most of the LingQ definitions seem good but sometimes they don’t seem to fit.


Is it possible to link to Chat GPT the same way the app lings to other online dictionaries? Chat GPT actually is better than most Korean dictionaries in my experience.

My main reference for Spanish is the Royal Spanish Academy Dictionary (

I don’t have a single favorite, but I typically first check Linguee (dictionary by same company as DeepL). It’s always interesting though that although sometimes Linguee doesn’t have the word, DeepL itself will try to translate. Anyway, if the meaning doesn’t seem right, I’ll often check or pons. These two (and Linguee) tend to often indicate usage/meaning within context of other words (i.e. they may mention phrases that use the word that might change the meaning a bit).

No connectivity to chat gpt. It would be nice. I do copy out sentences from time to time to get grammar and meaning. "Explain the grammar of this Spanish sentence: … ". Works quite nicely and has been so far very good about understanding things that the other translators don’t. Of course if it was too easy to use, within Lingq, I feel like I’d use it way too much and never finish any reading =)

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