Best Software for recording Skype conversations

My Mac hard drive crashed! I am out of commission. I cannot record Skype conversations. I had been using Wire Tap Studios with Mac which was great.

Now I am going to experiment with recording solutions for my wife’s PC. I will report on my progress. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best software to use?

Hi Steve,
I don´t know the ‘best’ software but why not using Pamela Call Recording for Skype. It should work well:
Take care

Hi Steve,
I don’t know as well which software could be the best.
I used ‘Powergramo’ for Skype but it’s not always reliable and the files are not in mp3 on the contrary to ‘Pamela’. A month ago, I downloaded this other recording system for Skype, the same as Uwe actually. I have nothing to complain about ‘Pamela’. I also suggest that you could try it.

Sorry to here about your hard drive.
I’m on Mac too and I use Call Recorder from Ecamm Network.


Woops. I meant, “sorry to hear” not “here.”

I didn’t see that before I posted. Or maybe I just didn’t “sea” it.

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