BEST Portuguese Podcasts

Hello there,
I am a rookie in Portuguese, I’ve just started to learn it via LingQ.

I learnt French and when I was at an intermediate level, I loved listening to the Podcasts of InnerFrench for record. He speaks very clearly and his speech is always comprehensible, however, I cannot find such a quasi <> in Portuguese.

Can you recommend me some?

It might be an obvious pick but cafe brasil. Lingq has many of their podcasts.

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I like Ao Ponto and Nerdcast

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I have found Fala Gringo! to be excellent. His podcasts are specifically for learners of Brazilian Portuguese and he defines some of the vocabulary and expressions used in each podcast. The topics are diverse but generally cover aspects of Brazilian history, culture, music, food, and politics. One caveat: though he states the podcast is aimed at intermediate learners, I think it’s really more appropriate for those at a high intermediate level.


If you are interested in politics, I highly recommend you “Ao Ponto”, “Café da manhã (Folha)” and “Foro de Teresina (Piauí)”. For general subjects ranging from history to games, movies and daily Brazilian life, Nerdcast is the podcast you’re looking for. I also recommend you look up on the Brazilian homepage of podcast apps like CastBox and Spotify, so you can have many other options.


“Jovem Conservador de Direita”: political humor from Portugal. It’s a parody of right-wing politics.

“Ficcôes”: a Brazilian philosophy podcast by Marcos Ramon. He speaks very clearly and slowly: