Best news for Ukraine

I keep trying to find great news sources for the Russian Incursion into Ukraine.

But, so far, I keep finding not so great news.

My primary sources right now are (friends) and CNN, BBC, RT, and KyivPost.

Anyone have any good local sources for news?



You may want to try Euronews (English with British accent).

I follow the situation almost exclusively with French news outlets, which are excellent (quick and balanced), and occasionally take a look at the German reporting.

I find the London Telegraph pretty good but after 10 articles you have to pay. Interpreter is not bad but a little sensationalist and prone to see Russian incursions in every thing. But lots of twitter feeds, videos etc.

How is your Russian and Ukrainian?

Trois, Thanks! German reporting would give better coverage with less twists.

Steve, Russian and Ukrainian are ok for reading news. But, most of the sites I find are difficult to determine if they are sensationalists or just reporters.


Have you watched ShusterLive?

I also read Unian and canal Dozhd. Interesting interview with mayor of Donetsk today.

Now, I need to reduce the amount I read each day …


Watch ShusterLive today.

I watched him.

Interesting format for a show.

Unfortunately, I am still slower at my Russian than they speak, mostly. I guess half an hour a day for a month might fix that.


You are insulting Russians using the term “Russian Incursion”.