Best Language On LingQ

I was wondering if you guys think that a certain language works best on the LingQ format of learning languages. If so, please share your opinion.

Which language works best? The one that’s most supported by web dictionaries. In general, a well documented and often translated language that’s closer linguistically to your primary language will always be easier to study regardless of your methodology. BUT, the advantage of LingQ really shines when studying a “harder” language because of ease of access to translations as compared to other methodologies. LingQ is pretty much the only place I could attack a Korean book, since no other interface does anything similar.

That doesn’t mean Korean works better on LingQ than French, it just means LingQ is better for Korean than other interfaces.

Good question, Normally students here says that non romanic languages works great on lingq because you’ll not find a system like this, easy translation resources, you can choose your own translation. I enjoy lingq because i can set everything in my own way.

I agree, I find korean to work pretty well with Lingq, same with Mandarin… Japanese though… lot of problems there. (it’s not linq’s fault though, it’s the language).

Russian has been great for me. I have learned Russian solely through lingq and a few youtube videos.

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That is impressive, considering that (from what I’ve heard) it has very complicated grammar.

I’ve spent time with Lingq in French, Spanish, and Russian. Russian probably has the best library of the three. That being said, I doubt I would have gotten anywhere on Lingq with Russian had I not taken a traditional class first and been living in Russia when I started. I know Steve learned Russian from scratch on here, and some others did, but I think most mortals would be scared away by the initial grammar hurdle. I honestly think, if you’re unfamiliar with more complicated inflection, this site works best for English and Romance languages.

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Which language works best? Esperanto? But still a beta language.