Best Grammar course for German

So, after a few weeks, I am back and I will start learning German again. I am here looking for best German Grammar courses that I can follow on LingQ. So, any help in that regard will be great!

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Hmmm. There really aren’t grammar courses on LingQ. I did do a search just to see what pops up and frankly it’s a mess of various videos, some mention grammar topics, some don’t seem to be related to grammar at all.

There used to be a course available by Evgueny, that I think fit the bill very well, but I think he was forced to move them to private (or they were moved to private).

Because Lingq is focused on input based activities and the nature of this is to become familiar with the patterns of grammar through reading and listening, rather than being taught grammar rules, I think what you are looking for is going to be hard to find without supplementation. If you’re of a higher level and can understand the explanations IN the target language then there are probably some of those random videos I was talking about, but probably best to find a youtube channel that caters to grammar and is solely in the native language and input those.

If you are starting from scratch and want a slightly more formal path (but still input based), then Vera has some great courses. One here for example. She’s got a bunch of other courses too if you search on her name. (Again, LingQ makes these super hard to find even though she has some of the best courses through various levels):

If you’re really looking for more grammar and explanation…I’d point you towards Nico’s Weg on

Nicos Weg | DW Learn German

There you’ll have videos, transcript, grammar explanations, and various exercises to work through. You can also find some folks have inmported the videos/transcripts into LingQ if you do a search.

They go through A1, A2, B1 and I think B2 levels. Very good stuff if you’re looking for something more formal, but also has a lot of good input based activity and light grammar explanation.

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As said above LingQ is input based rather than grammar orientated. You might find what you want on YouTube, and you could import to LingQ if you want streaks, coins etc. There are lots of videos that explain the grammar. I looked at one by a teacher called Laura Bennett. There are others. I suspect most here would encourage you to use lots of input, and look up grammar as and when you need to.