Best Flashcard System

My favourite Flashcard system is here on lingq, however I want to be able to cycle through 100’s of words and have them organised into different categories: verbs, adverbs, nouns, present tense conjugations etc.

Unfortunately however LingQ appears to only let me do this with 20 words and they’re all random (mostly just new words I’ve lingqed).

The reason I love the LingQ system is because it has this, “get it right twice and it leaves the deck, get it wrong and it stays” algorithm, which I love.

Are there any apps/ sites which have a similar system?

Cheers for the help


Yes, there are. I do paper flashcards and use the algorithm which you’ve written above. The only problem is to use SRS. I learn words only one day, on the next day I take another new words. I don’t need SRS because I know I definitly will meet this words in the future texts.
Anyway I’m interested in free apps which have a similar system too. I’m too lazy to write such app for myself.
This is the best SRS I’ve ever seen and it’s really customizable.^^

I couldn’t customize Anki to work by this algorithm.

I don’t see what the point of “one-time flashcards” is…
Unless you mean something like where it’s a ‘course’ or whatever? Memrise is still SRS-based, though.

I like Anki. I’m not a big fan of the LingQ system. If I could do it easily I’d grab all my Lings and import them directly into my Anki Deck. I like the lingQ system, don’t like the flashcards.