Best daily news website for beginner?

Best daily news website for beginner?

My partner watched/ watches BBC news… it’s British English, and though I don’t know how beginner friendly it is there’s no sensational language like I’ve seen on American new channels, and I imagine that must make it easier to watch and understand.

As you, LingoLover94, mention CNN but feel it’s too hard and charrich87 mentions the BBC News but is unsure of its level, I’ll mention a BBC news site dedicated to English learners :wink:

I’ve used it many times in the past with my students learning English :wink:

I haven’t visited it for years - having precious little time to tutor students; and those I have preferring to engage in free-flowing conversations - but check it out!

I’m sure it’s still as good as always.

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Hi LingoLover94. Do a google search on “news in easy english” or “easy news in english”. You’ll get a lot of hits. Here are a few that might be useful.

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I would like to read all important news in English. Your mentioned sites usually offer only 4 articles per day.

I only want to read and not watch videos. BBC Learning english offers too few articles per day about news.

I’m afraid that may be the best that is offered. You’ll have to poke around a bit, but I can’t find any site that has all the important news.

You could try taking an article from a regular news site like and use openai chatgpt to ask it to simplify the text.

For example, I took part of an article from and asked chatgpt to:

"can you change this text to beginner english: "

and pasted the text into my question after the colon. It took the text and seemingly simplified it. Then you can take the generated response and create a lesson from it.

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when i was a kid, our English teachers made fun of USA Today for being written at a very low level. They thought we needed to read things that were written in a more sophisticated way, with a higher level of vocabulary. Taking that principle in reverse, you could try USA Today, even though it’s written for native speakers and not learners.

You could try it, at least, and see how it is for your level:

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I always feel like I’m numbing my brain when I read MSN News as well: MSN

(your mileage may vary-- keep in mind I’m writing as a native speaker and this may still be hard as a learner!)
It collates news from several wire services.

You could try the Associated Press:
Or Reuters:

Or how about the sensationalist presses of our day (warning: these are right wing news outlets and thus have a definite bias. But they definitely write more simply. NY Post headlines can sometimes be funny though)

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that’s a neat idea!

Yeah, it seems to work pretty well. Haven’t tried this “simplification” in other languages, but I assume it works.

More fun was taking the same article and asking chatgpt to "take this text and convert into the style of stephen king: " (and then giving the text of the article). It made the article a bit more exciting =D

You are a genius

I used to use EuroNews when I was a beginner in Spanish/French.
Tend to be pretty short articles with good transcripts/translations into most European languages

@Zoran Could we have a news list what is sorted by new % words (ideally non-known words not blue words) and excludes previously read news items?