Best cheap iPad option for LingQ?

Hi everyone, I’ve been playing around with the iOS lingq version, and I’ve decided it’s an altogether better experience than either the website or the Android app. So now I’d like to buy a used iPad to be used almost exclusively for LingQ, but I don’t know anything about them.

Can anyone give me any suggestions for an older iPad version that will nevertheless run the most recent version of LingQ? Thanks!

I don’t really know anything about them. My iPad is about 5 years old and it runs the LingQ iOS app really well. I guess getting anything that is able to run the newest version of iOS will do.

I’d look into getting an iPad mini 2. It has just been discontinuted by Apple, meaning you can probably pick one up brand new at a good price. It’s the size of an e-reader, more or less, and it has retina display which makes it nicer to read on. I’ve been actually using the same model for lingq iOS and the experience has been great.