Best and Easiest Grammar Resource to Import on LingQ?

I know there are many resources for grammar online or here on LingQ already. I know already the ones here on LingQ.

What do you think is a website (German only) where I can step by step import stuff to read here on LingQ?

Where thinks are explained in a very understandable manner and could be easy to import or copy/paste in private lessons here.

I would like to select one only resource that it’s worthy and that I can focus on.

Thank you very much.

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Deutsche Welle without a doubt.

Thanks for this idea.

I’ve tried to have a look at DW but I don’t find it so user friendly. I don’t see where they have all grammatical concepts written online and that can easily imported on LingQ. They have a page where you have to download stuff from the videos they have.

I’m not interested in news or stuff, that’s not the point. Maybe it’s me but I don’t find it so user friendly to understand. Or maybe there is too much stuff.

Do you have the link where they have online or grammar resources? Thanks.

I’m not sure about the importability or exactly what you may be looking for, but:

I also like:

I like the articles on specific words or situations. I do see they have a “grammar course” as well. To some extent I think they added a limit to what you can see on this site in either quantity (certain # of articles per day) or certain things may be behind a pay wall.

Are you just looking for sentences that illustrate certain concepts? Or what?

Also Evgueny40 has a grammar course on LingQ as well. I don’t have the link to it handy, but you might check that out too.


Hi Eric,

I know about courses here on LingQ, thanks.

I’m already subscribed to Yourdailygerman BUT what I’ve been looking for is in GERMAN language only.

Your first link in also everything in English and yourdailygerman is most English than German.

I want to read step by step grammar stuff with examples and so on but in German, so that I do vocabulary at the same time here in LingQ. But not something like Duden that could be too complicated to manage.

I’ve found something online but I was wondering if someone else had already used something and knew if they were good resources. Free or paid.


Bitte schön: Grammatik | DW Deutsch Lernen


I recommend the free app to get an overview of their vast offer. Something many students don’t know is that nearly every episodes of Nicos Weg comes with grammar notes and even culture notes.

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Thanks, I’ve done many clicks here and there but didn’t find this page. :S

OK. Now that I know what to look for I’ll poke around, but currently I know of nothing.

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David, how do you apply the knowledge of Grammar in practice? Let’s say, today I studied about Verben then what should I do with it?

Yesterday I read a book written by Mark Twain. “Die Schreckliche Deutsche”. It was hilariously written. I observed the same thing that he observed and wrote about it in his book regarding German grammar.

For example, if you are simply reading a text and you come across “Sie” how do you figure out whether it refers to "she " or “it” or “her” or “they” or “them”. And you have no access to a dictionary or online translator.


I focus on what my brain can understand at the moment.

I read some pieces of grammars here and there and then I keep reading.

When I want to improve my grammar, I read very easy things without making LingQs practically or very few but I focus on few things here and there. For example, I can focus on Nominative, or I can focus on the infinite “zu” that I learnt few days back. And so on.

Some of the readings are made for new words and LingQs, others for reinforcing yellow words and learn LingQs, others for increasing known words, others for improving grammar and so on. Not all readings I do have the same purpose.

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Do you know the Lingster Academy with Julia Brodt? Quite a few free YouTube videos, but also some paid courses if you want those. All in German. She is a Dozentin at Saarbrücken University and is certainly very passionate about grammar!

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yes, I know who she is. Thanks for remind me. I’ll definitely watch some of her videos here and there.