Belarusian news feed

Belarusian news feed

I can see articles in the News Feed of the Belarusian section of LingQ. But all of them are in Russian.
Belarus has 2 official languages (like Canada has 2 or Switzerland has 4).
It means the sources may provide their articles in different languages. I guess the lessons currently proposed in LingQ are somehow automatically found.
How does it work?

The only media we have added for Belarusian so far is “The Village Belarusia”. Are you saying that their articles are in Russian, not Belarusian?
Do you have any other media to suggest?

There are some news portals which news are in Belarusian only:

Thanks, added.

Thank you Zoran.
But the only Belarusian news I can see are from
It looks like there are more news in Russian from Belta than in Belarusian. As a matter of fact the news in Russian are listed in the page and the news in Belarusian are there:
I have not seen in the feed any news in Belarussian from The Village.

OK, in that case, I removed The Village and Belta. Svaboda and NN should be only active for Belarusian from now on.

Thank you Zoran
I looked through all the news in the feed, they all are in Belarusian now.

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