Belarusian has enough lessons to become a fully supported language

Belarusian has
4+ audio hours of 78 Beginner lessons
22+ audio hours of 119 Intermediate lessons
10+ audio hours of 113 Advanced lessons

I have also sent the whole translations of “Who Is She” and “Greetings and Goodbyes” to Zoran, the course “LingQ 101 - Getting Started” is in process. I hope these courses will be also available very soon in addition to all 60 mini-stories.

The olny tiny inconvenience is the absence of small Belarusian flag which is displayed on the Profile and Forum pages.

So, I would like to request making Belarusian a fully supported language.


Is there any important difference for the user between beta and fully supported?

Beta languages belong to another lsit. At first use of a Beta language the user is informed that it can be buggy.
I just want to move Belarusian from one list to another one and to fix the small issue with the flags (this bug exists for some newest languages, too).

Hi Ress…Will Serbian be added as a beta language in the near future??

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Hi Ress, I’ll upload complete Who is She and G&G this week and then we will move Belarusian to fully supported language. I’ll make sure flags are also added. Thanks for the reminder!


Unfortunately probably not in the near future, but I am from Serbia and I’ll do my best to find time and help for translating and recording the Mini Stories into Serbian, which will allow us to add it into list of Beta languages.


Good job, Ress :slight_smile:

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Damn zoran that makes me sad …I’ve been learning languages in lingq for a year and a half and i cant imagine myself learning without it. I know some basic stuff probably around A2 since i’ve studied in the past and considering my new acquired knowledge on russian and polish …I i could be of any help i am right on it zoran. Just hit me!!!Looking forward to it!!!

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Any news during the last month?

Zoran, how long can be your week? :wink:

Sorry Ress, lot of stuff is going on. I promise to upload rest of lessons you provided today or tomorrow and after that we will move Belarusian from Beta to fully supported.

Belarusian Who Is She and Greetings and Goodbyes courses are now available on the LingQ Library.
We will make it fully supported language and add beginner courses in the Beginners tab soon.


Hi Zoran,
Belarusian has 30 courses with 388 lessons.
Among them there are 11 courses with 150 lessons for beginners.
When will it be moved from the beta languages to the list of fully supported languages?


Will it matter after the anschluss?

No reasons for the anschluss.
And by the way, Belarusian resistance during World War II - Wikipedia

Hi Ress, we will make it fully supported within next couple of days, together with some other languages. Sorry about the late reply.

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@Ress Belarusian and Arabic are now fully supported. Thanks for your help to get enough content for Belarusian. Much appreciated!


Thank you Zoran, nice to hear about it!