Belarusian flag

Guys, Belarus hasn’t changed its flag yet. Don’t politicize the app!

I’m curious how many people here will have to Google what a “Belarusian” is.

There are people who care.

Will you like it if someone changes the US flag as they wish?

Not all.

My language isn’t even represented by a US flag here at LingQ. It’s the Union Jack of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

Instead the America flag is only shown where people identify by country, and it doesn’t include all 50 stars. In fact, I wouldn’t mind losing a few stars/states myself.

Yeah, English is not represented by American flag here, but it’s not the same thing. Belarusian is spoken in Belarus only. I can’t understand for what possible reason someone could change the flag. Btw, I think it would be fair if English was represented by several flags (like they did for Portuguese for example). That would make more sense. As for loosing a few states, I’m not very much deep into it, so I can’t completely understand what you mean by it. I just hope they will correct the mistake.

Yeah, if they just changed it out of nowhere, that seems odd, even a little silly.

I didn’t know they divided Portuguese up that way. Not a big deal, but I like it. even if the mystery continues as to why they changed Belarus, I’ve got something out of our exchange.

As for what I said, in the US flag, there are 50 stars each of which represents an American state. By “losing a few states,” I mean that I wouldn’t mind certain states seceeding since their big cities have made them not like American anymore (New York, California etc)

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Well, the proper flag of Belarus is green, red and white, and it has very beautiful authentic ornament. I have only one explanation. Someone apparently thought that it had to do with the Soviet past and decided to replace it with another flag which has to do with the recent political events in Belarus.
Yeah it would be just more fair if they devided English as well, since it’s the oficial language of many countries.
Now I got it, I’ve heard about that situation in some big American cities. I’ve even heard that people are advised to avoid or leave them. It’s a sad story.

Quote by Steve from earlier forum post ‘Support Belarus’ by Ress:

"When it comes to national flags we are always guided by what our members want, meaning members from the countries involved. We will change the flag. I see it has not yet been done but it will be done.

I have the utmost respect for the people of Belarus, their courage, their composure, the solidarity they are showing to each other. Their future is up to them. No foreign country should interfere. Their example is an inspiration to others in how to oppose a dictator peacefully and with overwhelming numbers.

No one has the right to hang on to power just because he or she wants to. We are all equal human beings. We should all have the right to collectively decide how we want to be governed. Leaders should respect the will of the people and fair rules governing elections etc… Жыве Беларусь"


I fully agree. Don’t politicize the app.

Good memory and/or research sir!
Mystery solved.

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This is the request and the reason for the change:

I can’t believe they support colour revolutions now.

There is no dictator in Belarus. So they support colour revolutions now. I didn’t know.

Steve says: “Their example is an inspiration to others in how to oppose a dictator peacefully”.

“A dictator”.

Steve thinks Lukashenko is a dictator. But he won the election. Didn´t he? If you don´t respect the results of the elections you can´t sit in a moral high ground claiming to be pro-democracy.

Disclaimer: I know almost nothing about Belarus’s politics, and it is neither in my interest, nor that of the United States as to whose flag flies of the country and who governs it.

However, I do think what you wrote is a little silly. Dictators get elected all the time. They have elections in China and Cuba. The point is that the elections are a sham. In the case of Belarus, mass protests erupted because people, including the US Secretary of State, believe that the election Lukashenko “won” was not “free and fair” and it was marked by widespread electoral fraud.