Beginners questions on the services, exercises and the hangouts

As I am new, I wonder, if I can join any hangouts for free. Or do I have to get any points in order to join`?

As I am considering updating I also wondered, if the exercise correction like dictation costs any points.

And by the way, when I upgrade onto the 10 $ membership, am I then able to modify my lingqs, choosing a dictionary of my choice, adding from google translator, or will I have to get a higher membership in order to do so, and not only choose from the proposal list ?

@Reidy - The hangouts are free - to join just follow the instructions in this post:

The only difference between Basic, Plus and Premium is the number of points you receive every month. Each of these membership levels gives you full access to all of the premium features on the site as well as the premium features in our mobile apps. Let us know if you have any additional questions!

Ok thank you

good to know,

but one more thing:

Dictation and the other vocabulary exercises, can they be corrected automatically, or do I need a tutor for those tests?

No need for a tutor – the system will tell you whether your answer was correct or not :slight_smile:


now I will try finding the rest myself :wink: