Beginners might try Dreaming Spanish on YouTube

Dreaming Spanish: Dreaming Spanish - YouTube


Thanks for the tip. I also quite enjoy “Why Not Spanish” which is also on You Tube


Dreaming Spanish is great. I like that he has all of his videos categorized by difficulty. From Super Beginner to Advanced.

I’m not sure that I agree with the classification he uses for some of his videos, but I agree that it’s helpful.

is there dreaming german

Unfortunately no there isn’t

Who cares about how he classifies the videos. The fact is this guy is spending a tremendous amount of time and energy producing these videos and seems completely earnest about spreading the method of teaching he uses. If you read his blog posts In Search Of The Dream School (AUA 1/3) – dreaming languages you’ll see how he came up with this plan. It’s also extremely interesting reading about his experiences at a school using the AGL methodology.

I have really started using Dreaming Spanish and its great. Have you found other you tube sites that you like?

There are a few. Unfortunately they’re few and far between. Most of them seem to be beating the dead horse of “Teaching and Learning a Language” No matter how much they talk about language acquisition. Read Pablo’s blog about his experience learning Thai at:
Pablo’s Language Acquisition theory blog: dreaming languages
Another site that has lots of free material is: Español con Juan He’s really energetic and fun to watch and provides a lot of free materials.

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I like this guy’s approach. I’m not learning Spanish, but if I were, I’d be all over this.

Dreaming Spanish is great. I often follow Butterfly Spanish. There are topics for beginner, intermediates and advanced Spanish students. And this one is a helpful source if you want to find meanings and pronunciations

i liked his earlier material when he first started his channel and that is what i return to some of his more recent material i don’t find interesting or engaging but that is me

Something similar for French.

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Every time I try to upload one of his videos I get an error. I searched but he has no videos on lingq already. :slight_smile:

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Now there is…or something very like. I was thrilled to find this Youtube channel:
Natürlich German