Beginners Guide

I’ve searched without joy for a beginners guide to using LingQ. I keep discovering useful but basic things which I should have known from the start.

For example, the robot voices are often dreadful. A few days ago I discovered that I can go to my iPad settings, and download high quality robot voices. It makes a big difference.

It took me ages to realise that I was responsible for progressing known words until they were marked as learnt.

I recently dicovered that I can edit existing definitions, to add the noun gender for example. Is this local to me, or do others see my edits?

What lessons should new users do? I’m assuming the short stories are a good start. I did them in German.

Do beginners realise how to use the app? How to go through lessons line by line?

I have discovered that for a language I know well (B2), listening while reading is an excellent way to train my brain to recognise speech, even when the grammar and vocabulary are known. It has helped me with listening to native level podcasts without a transcript.

I assume that at B2 level there is no need to do the line by line mode.

I am sure there are other things I don’t yet know and should.

IMO these sorts of things, and many more need to be in a user guide, and placed in a place that is easy to see e.g. pinned at the top of each forum, and in the lessons interface.

When I have joined Lingq I have received a serie of mail explaining how to use it.
One of them point to:

www dot lingq dot com slash en slash academy
( If I put the real address it is interpreted not correctly )

You can find it in your own langague if you replace en by code for your country.

You have also an help section in the same drop down list with notifications/configuration/profile/contact us/help/disconnection.

Here is the french one:

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If you insert a link with linked text, it prevents it from labeling it incorrectly:

www [.] lingq [.] com → (hyperlinked with) www [.] lingq [.] com

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Thank you. The Academy link is useful but goodness knows how I was supposed to know about it if at some random time I want to find it. They really need an easy link. I found the other information, via the menus, a bit too basic, and it is so well hidden that I never knew it was there.

Unfortunately the videos are outdated and refer to an old LingQ interface, and I discovered a serious bug. Play a video, go to another app, come back, and the screen goes black and the browser must be killed as it is unusable. They obviously don’t regression test the app. :frowning: