Beginner Questions

Just a questions. i’m a beginner.

my questions is about tracking your own progress.

at the moment i’m listening to audio stories and getting practice with hearing the words and how they are pronounced.

each story/conversation is broken up into multiple parts.

but do i need to “memorize” each word in my vocab and totally understand the conversation pience before i move on to the next part?

i like the system. but i’m just alittle lost as to how do i track my comprehension progress.

I’m no expert, but I’d say if you can mostly catch 70-80% of what you hear when you read along with a single piece, then don’t worry about remembering every single bit. Move on to the next, and some of the words you can’t remember will be in the next part. You’ll hear them in a new context and start to recall them more.

Can I ask, if you are an English native, learning German, then this period of getting used to the new language won’t be so steep.

yes, i’m an english native learning German. i figured that.

that i what i notice, i’m hearing the same words used in a diff. context.


Then carry on as you are. It’s going to sink in. See how you feel in a month’s time : )


1.So i listen to the story/dialogue - througout the day repeatedly

2.Review the vocab flash cards

3.and type up what i heard and submit it? or do i create my own story?

4.Where does the tutor come in?

Here is what I do and what I recommend.

  1. Listen to the lesson once. You may only understand a little if you are a complete beginner.
    You may even want to listen while reading the English translation.

  2. Then read the lesson, saving any words that you do not know. You should now have a better sense of what it is about.

  3. Download the lesson and listen a few times.

  4. Review the vocab items and read the lesson again.

  5. Listen a few more times and then go on to the next lesson and do the same again.

  6. Do this for at least 10 or 20 lessons or more before you consider writing or talking to a tutor.

You first need to let the language penetrate your brain. You need time to let your brain get used to the language. Be motivated mostly to understand what you are listening to, but don’t get frustrated if you do not understand everything. It does not matter.

In a month or two you will understand a lot more and you will be ready to talk with a tutor.

I notice, bhayes, that you have not saved even one LingQ. Note that the top learners here save hundreds of LingQs each week.

yup. newbie mistakes. thanks for setting me straight.

actually. i thought i had saved them?

i’m gonna upgrade tomorrow to the $10 per month thing. but basically don’t you just click on blued words in the script and so on and then they go to the vocab list?

and then they become flash cards. or do i have the process down wrong?

You do not need to upgrade until you have saved at last 100 words to your data base. If you click on one of the User Hints, or create your own Hint from the dictionary, these words go to your database and become flash cards. In looking at your profile, you have not done this yet, or so it appears.

its odd because . when i go to the vocab section it tells me “you have reached your Limit” “you have 100 LingQ’s”

but you are saying that i don’t have any saved. i guess i have the process down wrong.

Strange. If I look at your profile it shows no LingQs created.
How many words do you see on your Vocabulary page?

right now when i login as bhayes30 i go to the german section and go to lessons - vocabulary.

when i look there i have 3 pages worth of words/flashcards.

on my french section i have 1 page. when i look to the right it says “you have reached your lingq limit of 100. to upgrade click here”

maybe its a little glitch. it happens. i’m impressed with this site/db

it must have taken a lot of work to get thing right, oh well.

We will look into what might have happened.

thanks. keep doing what you’re doing. i like this process you have come up with.

@bhayes30 - Actually, you have created 100 LingQs and that is why you are seeing that limit notice. Your statistics are not showing up in your profile because you have “No Knowledge” selected as your level. Your statistics don’t show up until you have selected a level different than No Knowledge and, in fact, you are not at the No Knowledge level anymore! :slight_smile: You can change your level in the Library or on your Profile page.

okay. i selected the no knowledge level because its the honest truth. but yeah. i step it up.

thanks for the help. i love this site. the wave of the future!!!

No problem. Yeah, the No Knowledge thing is a little confusing. Glad you like the site!

yeah. i think in time with more exposure and $$$ this site could become sleeker and if somehow you dudes could get in a magazine of some sort it could help.