Beginner material

For those of us still parched for interesting beginner level reading materials the short novels by Paco Ardit might be just the thing. I downloaded the first in the series to my kindle reader and quickly realized it was a real hassle looking up individual word especially since my reader wasn’t linked to a dictionary. The only way Amazon offered the audio files was via Audible which is a $14.95/mo. So, you need to pay for the Kindle eBook download which is only .99 but then downloading the audio is another 2.99 (plus on some of the titles)
I decided to go online to search and found this site which sells a bundle of 10 of his books (beginner A1+A2) plus mp3 files for each at $39 which seems a real deal to me and enough to keep you occupied for a considerable length of time. Just thought I’d let people know.

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