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anschließend creme ich mir mein gesicht ein
Whats the ein doing ???

In English there are “phrasal verbs”, e.g. “take off” or “take up” or “take on” mean different things from plain “take”. The same is true of German but the position of the particle that complements the verb differs from English. There are two kinds of such verbs: in the “inseparable” kind the particle is always attached to the beginning of the verb. In this example there is a “separable” verb: eincremen. Although the particle gets attached to the verb in some cases (infinitives, for example), it gets detached in others. In main clauses in the present tense, for example, the particle (“ein” in this case) moves to the end of the clause.
So, the verb is “eincremen”, literally “to cream in”. A very literal translation of the sentence would be
Then I creamed my face in.
Eincremen actually means “to put lotion on” or something along those lines: eincremen - LEO: Übersetzung im ­Englisch ⇔ Deutsch Wörterbuch

More on this topic: German Grammar: German Separable & Inseparable Prefix Verbs - Grammatik der deutschen Sprache: Verben mit Präfix

Once you get the idea of separable verbs, the next question is how to make lingqs (hints) for them when you cannot highlight the parts together without all the words in between. This comes up from time to time in these forums (search “separable verbs”). I also recently started on German, and I’ve not really settled on an approach. You can add notes to a lingq (these are private to, unlike the hints), and sometimes I’ll note various particles used with a root and the resulting meanings there. If you look at the full list of hints for a word (“Popular translations”), you’ll often see that someone has created a hint for the verb that contains meanings with one or more different particles, and sometimes I’ll use one of those. Neither of these approaches lend themselves particularly well to flash cards, etc., but I don’t really use those (another frequent topic of discussion here).

Thank you very much. I am stating to get the idea of separable verbs but this one seemed really strange to me. To put lotion on = increamed. (So obvious… not).