Beginner Collections (Korean)

Just curious, who organised the beginner collections in Korean? Did LingQ pay for someone to do them?

Hi Peter,

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by organize, but I was the one who was in charge of getting them translated and recorded. And yes, we did pay for these services.

That’s what I meant, sorry.

  • organised to have this collection translated and recorded - :slight_smile:

Good Job Alex. Thanks for all the work =p. Is the girl Canadian Korean? Been living in Canada a while perhaps?
Just a feeling i get when i listen to her voice…

No issues on my side. great recordings.

She is not Canadian Korean, in fact. She just has impeccable English :slight_smile: She has been in Canada for a few years now, but she spent a good portion of her childhood in Ghana, strangely enough. :wink:
Glad you’re enjoying the recordings :slight_smile: