Beginner A1-A2 Spanish resource - for english speakers (Interactive)

Hi all, I wanted to share a resource I have found helpful. Monica from BlanBla (based in Perth, Western Australia) holds online group classes based on the storytelling method.

The classes are about Spanish speaking countries (culture, history etc). She does speak english in the classes and the amount varies depending on the level of the class (more so in the beginner classes). She sometimes covers a little bit of grammar in a lesson particularly if someone asks, but that hasn’t bothered me.
I have found my vocabulary has increased and my confidence to speak also.
Its a casual and relaxed environment which I’m enjoying.

I searched her out because I wanted more interactive opportunities to get input (all I was doing was reading). She also caters to the learning level of A1 plus but not A2 yet, which was a bonus for me. I have found there isnt a lot of interesting stuff out there that isnt either kids cartoons or too complex vocab.

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