Beginner 2's: Learn grammar from the news!

Doubtless this is obvious to seasoned language learners, but it has is news to me :wink:

If you follow a story on the news, the same story day after day, you will come across the same vocabulary over and over again. The reporters keep saying much the same thing in much the same words. This is a useful opportunity to learn some grammar points: here they say radioactive contamination, there they say contamination from radioactivity. Here they talk of sea-life, there they talk about marine plants and animals. Lots of reinforcement of grammar with relatively few new words.

If you follow the no 1 story, then you don’t even have to understand the writing on the newspaper’s website! The no 1 story always has the same placing on ANY news site. Click on the title and import the full article, which will be less than a page long, because that’s how news websites structure their content.

Cunning eh?

I totally agree with you, skyblueteapot. That’s why I follows Radio France International, Radio Japan, Voice of America every day.

However it will be difficult to memorize all the proper names, so I gave up lingqing all the unknown words recently.
Of course, for a few days, we talk about the earthquake occurred in Japan, so I considered almost all the cities’ names as known words.

Recently, I subscribed to iTele (French News television) on my i Tune, too. So I have chance to listen to the same story including the same words in more contexts. After watching them, I review the words in other radio stations’ transcriptions.