Begin speaking

What does everyone do to begin speaking in the target language? By this I mean, what activities would you do if you are not able to speak with a native speaker? Do you recite a text, repeat along with the native speaker, speak to yourself, etc.

All of the above.
I try to read aloud as much as I can to make myself feel comfortable with speaking the words of the language. I also repeat along with the podcasts that I am listening too when I am able to give that kind of concentration to the listening I am doing. I also try to make replies in my head in the target language, to questions that people have asked me in English.

I began learning English when I was a junior-high-school student; I was12 years old. I first talked with a native at a language school when I was about 40 years old. It took about 28 years.

Patience is indeed a virtue.

I studied German for a while forty years ago; a few months ago I first talked with a native, VeraI for fifteen minutes.

Was lange währt, wird endlich gut.

Ich hoffe, daß das wahl ist.

Ich bin mir sicher, daß es wahr ist. I’ve been trying to learn Russian for AGES and still haven’t given up hope. I’m flying home today and shall dig out my books again.

Many of LingQers have already known that I am an advocate of early starting of speaking. Will you wait for 2 months, for six months or for a lot of years, like Yutaka, the beginning of speaking in the foreign language is ALWAYS difficult - we can overcome this difficulty ONLY WITH PRACTICE with a good teacher who understands that you won’t be able at once to speak as Shakespear in English or Goethe in German.
Only step by step in practice you master your ability of speaking in a foreign language and overcome your fears.

" I am an advocate of early starting of speaking. "
To tell the truth in secret, I am a sympathizer of your theory, but I was young and foolish.