Before I go to bed, . .

Before I go to bed tonight, I would like to write something.
If you say “Before I go, . . .”, those who are around you might be worried, mightn’t they? I merely wrote “before I go to bed,” so you don’t have to worry.
I am going to sleep.
Before I fall asleep, I want to remember an English place name that ends with -shire.
Sleepshire? No. Yes, Bedfordshire.
I am going to Bedfordshire. Good night.


Up with you, up the wooden hill (stairs) to “bedfordshire”! Or, as Pepys would have said “And so to bed . . .” Good night!


The Diary of Samuel Pepys

I wonder if this diary, which was written in the Seventeenth Century, was translated into contemporary English.

Yukata, good on you! I really enjoy your English practice - and SanneT’s responses!

Thank you for your warm message, Ginkgo58.

The following paragraphs come from the following website:

"The whole diary is written in shorthand and certain private passages are written in a code using Spanish, Italian and French words plus other devices designed to confuse the reader.Though this has been decoded the copyright free edition of his diary used on this website was written by a clergyman (The Rev. Mynors Bright MA in 1885) who refused to translate what he saw as obscene passages.

The modern version (published 1970-1983 by Robert Latham and William Matthews) does have these passages in full. These pages have some translated extracts which do not appear in the Mynors Bright text. They mainly describe his intimate relationships with, and thoughts about, women."

His diary is really intriguing. ( To be continued )

I did not know that Luton is located in Bedfordshire. I also realized that Bedfordshire is west of Hertfordshire, where Letchworth, Hitchin, Stevenage and so on are situated. If you are living in Hertfordshire, your Bedfordshire is not too far away.

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