Bedeutet hier "ausgesprochen": specific?

Bedeutet hier “ausgesprochen”: specific?

Das ist hier näher zu englischen Wörtern ‘obviously’ oder sogar ‘completely’.

Danke sehr!

It´s either a past tense of “aussprechen” (pronounce, say) or a slightly posh/formal way of saying “very”.

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@Evgueny - It´s cool that you want to help others, but you should at least use a dictionary before you post an answer.

“Wie wird dieses Wort ausgesprochen?” (How do you pronounce that word?)
“Dieses Kleid sieht ausgesprochen gut aus” (This dress looks gorgeous indeed"

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… dafür teilweise Patente ausgesprochen bekamen. Würde ich so übersetzen:: … some of them were granted a patent. (received a patent)

Hi Paul, thanks for your help, too! I checked the link on and I’m perplexed. This is the (shortened) sentence I found in a text “Es gas anders Erfinder, die Patente ausgesprochen bekamen” and somehow neither “very” nor “pronounced” quite work. Maybe “eminently” or “distinctly” are better in this case?

“ein Patent ausgesprochen bekommen” = to obtain a patent

I would add one word: ‘some of them were even granted a patent.’