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Hey everyone,

A long time ago, I gave people free tutoring on Skype. This time I wouldn’t mind making a tiny bit of money. I found the ‘Teach’ tab on the drop down menu linked to the word ‘Exchange’ on the top left corner of my screen. I figured out how to use the calendar. What I don’t understand is: how do you know when someone wants a lesson? What do you do? And also, most importantly, do you get to offer English speaking practice? Or is it just transalation, correction of written work? Is ‘pronunciation correction’ another way of saying practising English speaking??

Thank you!

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You may find this helpful: Speak
or this: Tutoring Help

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Hi EnglishFishWish,
If you want to host conversations, you should input available conversation time in your calendar. You can start creating some conversations now by going to Teach page (Exchange > Teach) on LingQ and clicking on “Add/Edit Conversations” on the right hand side.
If you want to correct writing or provide other Exchange services, you should go to the Exchange and look for requests to respond to. Part of being a successful tutor also involves creating lessons or being active on the Ask a tutor forum so that learners start to learn who you are.
Click here to learn more about tutoring on LingQ: Tutoring Help


Dear Roman, hello.

I have used the calendar to slot some times in.

When it comes to the “add/edit conversations”, I’m not sure I understand what all those things mean? What are Daily Lingqs? I have tried to click the little grey question mark but nothing happens. They seem to be notifications, but I’m not sure for what exactly?

Sorry for being so daft, I don’t find this part of the site that easy to understand. Thank you. xx