Beautiful Sole

What does mean - “Beautiful Sole”?

We will need some context in order to answer.

I saw this title on my wife’s shirt. She ask me, what does it mean, but i can’t translate it.

A sole is a fish, or the bottom of your shoe. Soul is something else. This may be a play on words.

Thank you very much. I suspected what this phrase no sense. Maybe it’s slang or trade mark?

Definitely a play on words. Soul sounds the same as sole. In English we may talk about someone who is or has a beautiful soul. (This isn’t common, but definitely is said sometimes…) A person with a beautiful soul is a good person. A person who has deep inside of him character traits that you admire.

So somebody is trying to be funny here. You read “beautiful sole” and immediately you think of this wonderful kind of person, but right after that you realize that what the words really mean is “beautiful shoe or foot bottom” or “beautiful fish”! And you laugh!

google for “belle sole”

May be “sole” means exclusive or singular. Is it possible?

I don’t think so. The play on words works as Jingle explained it. Anything else doesn’t, really.

The plot thickens! I just Googled “beautiful soul” and found this: “Beautiful Soul is an eco-aware, luxury womenswear label.” Someone may REALLY be having fun! Perhaps even poking fun…