Beat the Cold Streak with a LingQ Streak

If you’re anywhere near Eastern Canada this week, you know it’s a good time to stay inside and away from the blistering cold snap we are experiencing.

Which, of course, means more time for LingQ! Let’s take a look at our new content this week:

In Russian we have Rosa’s Story, the tale of an Italian girl in Russia. This is high quality, professionally produced content - but in LingQ, you can access the first 3 parts for free. Check it out here Login - LingQ

In English we have Learn English with Camille, a 22-part course created by a mother, polyglot, and world traveler. The lessons here are a mixtures of real conversations, talking while cooking, fake job interviews… All the sorts of things you need to get truly fluent in English. Check it out here Login - LingQ

In Japanese we have Comprehensible Japanese for complete beginners. This 10-part course users very simple vocabulary combined with super simple concepts - introducing oneself, asking what someone is doing, etc - to help beginners get started in this tough language. Check it out here Login - LingQ

Last but not least, check out the latest episode of our Portuguese podcast here Login - LingQ

This episodes focuses on the importance of exposure when learning a language - which is very convenient since reading and listening to this episode gives you some great exposure to Portuguese!

As always, we had far too much new content to mention in a single post. Check out the What’s New shelf in your language for an up-to-date list of new lessons.

Until next week!