Be Sure to Flag Hints in a "Wrong" Language--A Reminder

When I am creating a LingQ as I read French lessons, I very often find that one or two of the three hints is not in French or in English, but instead in Chinese, or Czech or German or another language. This is not supposed to be the case–any hint appearing in our studies, in a language other than target language, or native language, is considered to be “wrong” and needs to be removed.

Alex reminded me that I can hover my cursor over any hint appearing in a wrong language, and flag it for review. Once three people have flagged the hint for review, the hint comes to the attention of the tech team, and that “wrong language” hint can be removed.

I am not sure everyone is aware, so I am posting this reminder.

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cool! I’ll be sure to do that for now on. I usually just ignore them :slight_smile:

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I’m on it, I see this a lot with Polish so I will be flagging alot.

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I’m not sure if anyone takes care of this now, because members can no longer go through this list. I was used to do it for German-French-English combinations, but the editor was horrible. It was a lot of work, and you had to do it for free. Doing it for free was not a problem for me, but the interface was annoying and slow.

They removed the access for users, because some users deleted some correct hints. This happened especially if the hints were long and the user disliked this kind of error. Even some of my own hints got deleted.

Oh dear…maybe Alex will assure us that there is a point to flagging those hints, and that once three people have flagged the hint, someone does move it to the correct language.

We’re handling this internally now and are actively monitoring the list of flagged hints :slight_smile:

I wonder how you do this for languages you don’t speak. That was one of the problems I came accross. Even Google translate was sometimes not able to tell me, what language the hint was in.

We’ve got a bit of experience in this, fortunately, but if we still can’t figure it out then we have an “Other” hint language where we can put ones that we can’t quite figure out.

Thanks, Alex. Good to know. I will therefore, keep doing some flagging of those hints in wrong languages.

Aren’t we supposed to report translations in a different language than English when your dictionary language is set to English?

Thanks so much for your help :slight_smile:

That’s right. Basically, whenever you see a hint that is in a language other than your selected dictionary language or is obviously incorrect just click the flag icon.

I am glad more people are working on this now!

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I’m flagging all of the wrong hints in Dutch.

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And I’m getting really annoyed because there’s a whole lot of Swedish hints in there. Every word has a hint to flag.

Roger that. Flagging mode activated!

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Too bad you’re not learning Dutch. :slight_smile:

That would be kinda silly, wouldn’'t it ?

My point exactly.

Thanks a lot for the tip!
Having translation in other languages then my native’s one is quite irritating; Now I’ll flaging those one.

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