Be careful of FRAUDS!

I got messaged by the person who has recently created an account here (link to the profile will be attached below). This seemed like a friendly request to make new friends so I agreed to exchange e-mails and stay in touch.
Now I’ve just received a long e-mail in which this person claims to be in a refugee camp in Africa, that her whole family got murdered by rebels and she has no one to reach out to. She talks how she puts her trust in me and my honest heart and that her rich father had some money transferred to her bank account before he died. Sadly, she can’t access this money and she needs my help. She will send me $6,500,000 trusting that I will share this money with her to help her get out of the camp and organize a transport to my country to meet her. There is even some information to build the credibility; contact information to some priest who’s supposed to be in the camp and even some pictures of that woman. The whole message appears incredibly legit…
My 1st instinct was to find out more before I reply and after just 5 minutes of googling I found that other people also received a similar message (or sometimes the very same e-mail!) and that it’s just a BIG FRAUD!
After people agree to help and receive that money, they suddently need to pay some fees in advance to make this big transfer possible to their account. Then there’s another fee to pay and so on.

Here’s the link to the profile of the person who messaged on me on LingQ:

I’m afraid this person may reach out to more people here on LingQ and thus I post this warning. He or she may even create more accounts and try the same trick.

I’m also willing to share this e-mail message if that’s what’s necessary to take action against this LingQ account or to prove this post of mine is for real.

Internet users should know this, but it is good to place a warning. Maybe not all users are experienced enough to realize that. You should also write a message to the support that they delete this account.

This kind of person appears everywhere on the internet - unfortunately. On the internet you have to be very careful with giving private information, and you should not easily trust people.

By the way, I got the same request and I knew immediateley what I’ve to think about this.

P.S. What I like on LingQ is that you don’t need to give your email adress. You can use the private messages. This is a bit saver in my opinion.

I’ve got the same bla bla from the same janifazamba!

Yeah, I got the message too.

Not even a single word about Lingq or learning languages was enough.

Damn spammers, or spambots, they can get everywhere nowadays.

Hi Everyone, we’ve removed the spam account. Thanks for letting us know!

Well, I have recieved the same message 8 minutes ago, also from Login - LingQ. So the account was not deleted or was renewed again :slight_smile:

Sorry Petrr, this guy is really persistent with creation of new accounts. I’ve deleted him again.
Everyone, please just ignore spam messages like this one, do not reply on it, and report it to support right after you notice it. Thanks!

still there Login - LingQ

The account is still there, but we’ve deactivated it.