BBC video about 20 year old polyglot

This is an interesting short video of a 20 year old Oxford student who speaks eleven languages. He says how the context is the most important thing for him in language learning. I’m sure he would enjoy the LingQ method.

Thanks. Yes, it’s very interesting. The link at the bottom, “Digital tools to save language,” is also good.

Very interesting. Thanks!


Thank you!Very interesting!


What in my opinion is the most impressive with him is the way he handles the native accents… He speaks very well, his Dutch accent is great, I would not be able to make a difference with a native Dutch-speaker… Amazing.

His accent is quite good in in most of the languages I can judge (for a split-second I though his Greek was Spanish, I never knew they sounded that similar).

Yeah, that first surprised me too, Jeff. (Some years ago)

Ha, Greek throws me sometimes as well for that very reason.

How to learn in a short period of time, so many languages? how much time he has studied one language? This is amazing.