BaseLang For Tutoring

Is this site legit? Does anyone have any experience with it?

I’m looking for something that will assist me in creating an immersion environment, and it seems like a good deal if you’re looking to speak a lot.

I’m a little concerned that it may be unethical since they can’t be paying their tutors very much.

I’ve been using Baselang for the past six weeks and have had a good experience. One of the teachers told me some students only take one class a week, while others take classes for hours every day. So there’s a wide variation. I’ve also used tutors on Italki and Verbling. And I noticed some language schools in Central America also offer classes via Skype for around $10/hour. It seems like some students also use a mix of language tutors, videos and books to create an immersion environment. (Obviously, going to a Spanish speaking country is the best. But that is not always possible.)

One thing to note: All of Baselang’s teachers are from Venezuela. So they speak Spanish slightly differently than they would in Spain. For instance, they do not teach the vosotros form of verbs.