Barney by Will Stanton, Part 2

I noticed some mistakes in the spelling of some words in this item, mostly in the second half part: September 11th.

Marianne, for use to correct this it would be helpful if you would give us the words and where they occur in the text. Thanks.

Here is what I have found as mistakes. It is situated on the last second part of the text -September 11th- :

Poor Barney is dead and soon I shell (it is pronounced SHELL in the audio, but isn’t is Shall?) be the same. He was a wonderful RATT and life without him is KNOT worth LIVVING. If anybody REEDS this please do not disturb anything on the island but LEEVE it like it is as a SHRYN to Barney, ESPECHILLY the old well. Do not look for my body as I will caste myself into the SEE. You ( : in the audio, is it said He) MITE bring a couple of young RATTS and LEEVE them as a living memorial to Barney. Females-no males. I SPRAYNED my wrist is why this is written so bad. This is my LASTE will. Do what I say AN don’t come back or disturb anything after you bring the young RATTS like I said. Just females.

Wow Marianne, are you proofreading? Perhaps you will be able to earn points for this :slight_smile: :slight_smile: