Baltic languages - Latvian

Is there anyone else here who would be interested or already has some experience learning a Baltic language? Specifically Latvian? I think it would be awesome to have Latvian on here as it is the second oldest living indo-european language still being spoken today after Lithuanian. Perhaps others are interested in Latvian too by chance? I think that linguistically speaking, as apposed to a practical view of learning languages, having Latvian would be really cool.

I have been studying Latvian and am currently living in Latvia. But it is really hard to find content as there are only 1.5 million native speakers and it’s not that popular of a language. However I would be willing to collect resources to establish a basic content for the language. There have been many times where I would have loved to use LingQ simply for the access to the instant dictionary use to read books. It’s just so tedious to use a separate dictionary after using LingQ. LingQ has ruined me for traditional language studying lol. Anyway, anyone with me for Latvian or?


I’d love to see Latvian here. That being said, there are lots of languages that are higher priorities for me right now, or that have higher positions in my list of language goals. Would also like to go to Latvia sometime. Estonian is also interesting in my opinion.