Bahasa indonesia resources I need some help

I was wondering, where I can find indonesian books in original version ? (Or Ebooks)
What contents do you use to learn indonesian ? (Podcasts, radios, youtube channels…)
I’m in France and it’s quite difficult to find good contents.

Thank you !

May I know why are you learning Indonesian?

Yes, I’ve found it difficult to find suitable content. As usual, it depends on your interests and levels. I am currently using the following resources:

Currently I’m reading the series of comics “Manjali” which are based on Indonesian folklore and written in pure bahasa gaul The built-in translator sometimes gets confused by the comic layout but I don’t mind writing down unknown words on Google translator. Btw, for an introduction to Bahasa Gaul I recommend both the Wikipedia article “Indonesian slang” and this book:

  • Finally, as for material that you can actually import to Lingq and it’s interesting, unfortunately there’s not much that I could find, that’s why I’m no t actually using it very much at this stage. One exception are some websites that publish Indonesian legends. For example:

Who are you asking? I’m learning both Indonesian and Malay mostly because I like the language and culture. I’d also like to visit Bali and maybe some other islands: Flores, etc.

Thank you very much it’s very kind of you, it will be useful ! Thx again.

i don’t know if you are asking me, but my goal is to be able to read Pramoedya Ananta Toer. (the Buru Quartet) :wink:

Here, you have some cartoons in indonesian :

Documentaries channel :

Street inteviews playlist :

Doreamon episodes dubbed into indonesian with subtiles

I keep looking ! :slight_smile: