BAFFLED - Unable to convert blue or yellow to known words in imported text

Obviously others also have this problem - have also emptied browser cache, just to make sure it wasn’t contributing to problem, but even after this problem remained. I can neither mark words underlined with yellow as “known” or words underlined with blues as “known.” This occurs with an import from over 3 weeks ago. However, I had just been working on a more recently imported text, and there was not a problem when I wanted to convert words I had learned.

It seems this problem was first reported Tuesday May 19th, and has been described in several threads:

pmilone has provided a screencast:

Interesting - when the screencast showed a blue word choice, the text command: “I know this word” on the far right was not visible. Had that too. Maybe that gives us a hint about what the bug could be…

Thanks for reporting this. I am sorry to hear that you have this issue. We will take a look at it and I will let you know as soon as we find out what could be wrong here.
Thanks for your patience!

One quick question, do you have ADblocker installed at your browser and does “I Know this word” button appear if you disable ADblocker?