Bad sound in lingQ

Almost always the sound of lingQ web is very bad. I have to reload the page many times to succes tohave good sound. If another web page use the sound, also the sound is bad in this page. If I close lingQ, the sound works well

Are you referring to TTS pronunciation?

Not. I am referring about the sound of the computer. It is very bad when lingq is open, but If I close it, the sound is good. The stuff in because lingQ. The sound not always is bad. But when it is, it is not possible listening

What computer are you using, and which browser are you using when opening LingQ?

I use a laptop with linux and firefox. But it is not problem in the laptop because other pages works good

Have you tried with another browser to see if there is a difference when you use LingQ? Even with other web pages as you said above? Just to be sure it is not the combination of linux/firefox.