Bad habit

I could have had more times for learning English, but I had a bad habit that was I really like sleeping. I always could not get up early in the morning when I had the evening shift, especially in winter. I often could not hear ringing of the clock that have set up. That really footled many times. I have to change myself. I have to work more harder on my English learning.

Start with making little changes, they are more likely to lead to success. Good luck!

Thank you Sanne T

Maybe you could use different times in the day to learn.

  1. during your lunch breaks
  2. on the bus or train
  3. while shopping
  4. while eating dinner

If you are having less than 8 hours sleep, then I guess you need better time management. If you are having more than 8 hours sleep, say 12-13, then possibly you need to buy a heater for the winter or something.

This situation is very familiar to me )))))) especially the cases with alarm-clock. You need more powerful motive for learning. Think up it!

i try to listen to Russian audio on my way to work :slight_smile:

Thank you for everyone! I learned English until I went to bed at about 12:30am or later than that. If I had the morning shift I had to wake up at about7:20am. But if I had the evening shift I could not do that even if I had set up alarm-clock. Maybe I need better time management as what milanmaras have said. I will try to sleep earlier even though it is difficult for me.

Hahaha I also have the bad habit of getting up really late in the morning and my alarm clock is totally useless ><’